Tia L. Haywood

Tia Haywood Monte has a lifetime of experience advocating for the marginalized of society. As both the managing partner of  Haywood Monte Law and a consultant to Shiller Preyar Law Offices mainly specializing in Immigration, Civil Rights and Criminal Defense, the Howard University, Case Western Law and Comillas Pontificia Law Graduate prides herself seeking out experience and volunteering in areas of the law that has the most detrimental effect on the impoverished in her Chicago community. To that end, Mrs. Haywood Monte seeks to provide access to reasonable comprehensive legal services to the underserved in her Chicago community. 

​Mrs. Haywood Monte is a legal assistant trainer for Centro Sin Fronteras,  Lawyer's Committee for Better Housing, the Legal Assistance Foundation, the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee, First Defense Legal Aid and the Chicago Community Bond Fund.  Shortly after the 2016 elections Haywood was invited as a panelist by Northeastern Illinois University which hosted a student wide emergency meeting called "Healing and Moving Forward a Critical Post Election Dilogue" hosted by African and African American Studies, Latina/o & Latin American Studies and Women's & Gender Studies. She was also invited as a panelist at Dominican University Immigrant and Labor Rights Forum where she presented "Know Your Rights" information on police stops and arrives at your home, consequences of convictions, police records and expungement and the relationship of this police record to immigration. On her spare time, she volunteers her time by participating in various "Know Your Rights" workshops,seminars, and/or presentation requests. She also is a lover of languages and studied French and Japanese in school while picking up Spanish, and works very hard to achieve fluency to better serve the diverse Chicago community.


  • Kathy J. M. Recommends Tia L. Haywood

    Tia, has fulfilled everything i have asked her to do, she is a real professional. She has watched out for my welfare and went above and beyond. I appreciate her help and knowledge, i can't wait till my court issue is resolved in the coming weeks. Update: My case was resolved and even afterwards ...
  • ​Alex P. Recommends Tia L. Haywood

    Ella removio mi deportacion y despues ella aplico para asilo politico es muy amable y alegre y mi asilo politico fue aprovado por el gobierno.
  • Stephanie G Recommends Tia L. Haywood

    I was very happy with my services and have referred you to my friends.
  • Brenda M. Recommends Tia L. Haywood

    I sought to get consultation regarding a tort which Ms. Haywood gave me great advice on how to handle the situation. She was very knowledgeable and made sure I had all the information needed for my claim.
  • Sheryl M. Recommends Tia L. Haywood

    Immigration Attorney She was very attentive to our needs and situation and explained the process we would have to go through. I'm sure I've asked the same questions over and over and she was very patient and understanding. I look forward to working together with her. I would definitely recommend...

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